Exhibition | Various artists

Wednesday 26 of June at 08:30 p.m.

From June 26 to July 13

Exhibition of the students of Master of Art: Idea and Production from the University of Seville.

MiArma is the presentation of the collective artistic experience of the students of the Masters in Art: Idea and Production of the University Seville. What unites all these artists, even though they come from different trajectories and places around the world, is the shared connection of living in the capital of Seville. The title, MiArma, plays with two different ideas. On the one hand, is the idea of art as a weapon and on the other, is a play upon the local Andalusian expression of affection, miarma. The title of the exhibition is unintentional. Each one of these artists is convinced that art is an answer in a given circumstance and location and for that reason they believe that this word play is the perfect way give a name to the entire exhibit.

In the words of Deleuzze we could say that “art is the only thing that resists death” (1993). For that reason, each one of the works that will be exhibited are categorized into four central axes: the toy as an approach to the affectivity of the memory, the found object as an irruptive moment in everyday life, abstraction as a creative method of expansion and finally, the postmodern fragment as a rupture with the idea of ​​progress in the great discourses on modernity versus enlightened reason. In this way, the exhibition is presented as a space that is dedicated to the reflection and contemplation of the materialization of the aforementioned concepts.

Undoubtedly for each of the artists, art is a weapon that enhances the possibility of change, of a different vision of the world, and a knowledge of oneself. MiArma is the result of shared experience in the Andalusian soil, not as in southern Spain, but as in Andalusia as the result of a melting pot of experiences, genres and expressions that seek to assault the established order.




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Exposición: MiArma en 13 EspacioArte de Sevilla 2019

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