Exhibition | Anna Jonsson

From September 22 to November 18, 2017

Public opening

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

As in a natural rebellious way Anna Jonsson claims the word and the concept of bossy with pride. She strips it from the peyorative nuance and keeps the annoying spot of power it transmits.

Bossy talks about marked women, tattooed, sexy, powerful, abused and battered women. About winners, triumphant, empowered, parturient, tired, caregiving, nursing and cleaning women. About wounded women, knocked down, thrown away, hung up and tangled.

However, all of them show their bond to the big male chauvinist pig who hangs upside down in the ceiling as a trophy in between them. The pig, a character that Anna shows as beaten and defenseless, stripped from his power. “I think it represents the fear that many men still feel, men that haven’t grasped what feminism and equal rights is really about”

Observing the work of Anna, relate to them and enjoy their formal finish is embedding yourself with the feelings they produce almost unconsciously.

You wait for every one of the women to tell you their stories and their ways of confronting their experiences and their attitude towards the established power structures built along history.

Maybe it’s not only about women, maybe it’s about assimilating that our, everybody’s, vision and perception of the world is being manipulated to ratify and perpetuate the divisions and differences that exist between the sexes, and therefore the following distribution of all sorts of power, of social, relational, symbolic, and political power…

In the end it’s all about where each one of us stands, which side we are on, what we identify with. Me, I already made up my mind, I’m BOSSY.

Tonia Trujillo
Director of 13 ESPACIOarte

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Mandonas de Anna Jonsson En 13ESPACIOarte



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