Benditas. Nosotras que nos queremos tanto

Collective: Bendita Mujer /// Charo Corrales and Aline Part

From January 19 to April 21, 2018

Public opening

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 05:00 p.m. to 08:30 p.m.
Saturday from 11:00 a.m to 02:00 p.m.

Activity included in BBMM2018 program, Women’s Views Biennial – MAV

Blessed is above all an intimate exhibition, in which the artists Charo Corrales and Aline Part show themselves openly, sometimes using their own naked body and at other times making use of everyday objects that they reuse, transform and intervene with different techniques. These art objects echo their voices, speak of their sorrow, longings, rebellions, worries.

The show has a highly autobiographical character, for both artists the artistic practice is an intrinsic part of their lives, such as being a woman, body and emotions. “Blessed”, can mean blessed by the artistic practice, when the practice becomes a necessity and at the same time an obsession, the driving force of their daily life. Under this title the collective Bendita Mujer collects a series of “pieces” that speak of their personal experience, feelings and reflections on the subject of emotional rupture. Both women have gone through a traumatic situation of rupture, but the collective does not want to remain in the pain that the rupture produces, it also tells us about the change that causes the rupture, a change that in their case is expressed in a rebirth, a new beginning and awareness, that the collective wants to extend to all women. These two women have picked up the pieces of their breakup and have tried to build something with it, analyzing the role of the victim and then to stop being one and take the reins of his life.

“Blessed. “We, who love each other so much, talk about Charo Corrales, Aline Part, and all of us, the women who have been educated for a secondary role, an education in which the other has prevailed and not us. It speaks of a process of search, of transformation through art, so that we can love ourselves a little more. It is a call to society to reflect on the situation of vulnerability in which women find themselves and the importance of the role of women in our society. It is also a call to activism, to recover shared and public spaces

The exhibition is organized into three fundamental nuclei. On the one hand, formed by the works of both artists as Colectivo Bendita Mujer, conceived jointly and with a markedly performative and installation character, such as the pieces: Bodegón, Líneas de vida, De corazón a corazón, Trajes rotos, Mujeres tapadas y Des-hecho.

They will also perform the performance “Duelo” in which, according to their words, “you walk but you feel that your feet are always on the same thing; you advance, but you feel that you are in the same place “and the intervention and manipulation, together with the audience, of the piece “Entregada por ustedes” by Aline Part.

The other two remaining nuclei are composed of the set of works by Charo Corrales and Aline Part individually, with which they reveal the nuances of their personal imaginary and their processes of self-knowledge through photography, the intervention of objects, the drawing or the ceramics, showing us another way of seeing the world, other possible rebirths.

Charo Corrales. Artist
Aline Part. Artist
Tonia Trujillo. Director of 13 ESPACIOarte

Exhibition gallery