From January 11 to May 30, 2019

Public opening

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 05:00 p.m. to 08:30 p.m.
Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m.


The Painted Veil


Artists: Paula Noya
Curator: Susana Blas


Susana Blas Brunel (Madrid, 1969) is a curator and contemporary art historian. Specializing in audiovisual creation, she has worked on editorial staff of the cultural program Metropolis (tve2) since 1999.

She writes for a variety of publications about video and feminism, gender issues and contemporary art.

She received the MAV Award (Women in the Visual Arts) in the category of Cultural Manager for Gender Equality in 2016 and the White, Black and Magenta Award in 2017.


She is a member of the Advisory Council of MAV (Women in the Visual Arts) and a researcher in the ARES Project of the University of Fine Arts of Cuenca (Archive and Critical Studies of Audiovisual Artistic Practices in Spanish Art. Identity and New Media).

She has curated innumerable video and exhibition programs, including:

Videos XX (PHotoESPAÑA, 2002), Adolescents (Museo Reina Sofía, 2003), Go To Your Room (La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2003), EL: New Masculinities? (Juan Francés Room, Zaragoza, 2006), Electric ShotsVideo and Feminism (Montehermoso Cultural Centro, Vitoria, 2007), The Dislocated Journey (MARCO, Vigo, 2007), Smiles and Tears (Torrente Ballester Center, Ferrol, 2010), A World Apart: New Spanish Video (Cervantes Institute, 2009-2011), Problematic Fables (Antigua Tabacalera, Madrid, 2011 and AECID), Leave the Body (La Bacia, Madrid, 2013), ONe Line. SUSO33(CEART, Madrid, 2015), Double Covers and Secret Guards (Masquelibros, Madrid, 2015), The Forest Within (Sala Juan Francés, Zaragoza, 2015), Soledad Córdoba, Devastation (Gallery Gema Llamazares, Gijon 2016), Two Jacks, Semi Furnished Room (The Guest Room, Madrid, 2016), A Common Struggle (Projects Masquelibros Madrid, 2016), Marta Beltrán, The Ceremony, Royal Hospital of Granada, 2016).

Between 2004 and 2010 she regularly programmed Video Art in the Video-mix section of La Casa Encendida (Madrid); and from 2011 she was the curator of the MAV Video Marathon, within the Women´s Views Festival, which presented its third edition in 2014.

On an international level, she has toured some of the projects previously cited. She has created other projects specifically for international exhibits. The most recent projects are A World Apart: New Spanish Video (2009-2011) produced by the Cervantes Institute and presented at various Cervantes Institutes worldwide and Problematic Fables (2011-2013) which traveled with AECID throughout Latin America.




“The time that I now have before me (this has been the miraculous transformation) is
material that I mold, not a vertigo that crushes me and carries me”.
Carmen Martín Gaite, Notebook of Everything (2003)


The exhibition The Painted Veil forges an intuitive path through the themes that have concerned the Galician Artist throughout her career. Using the symbolism of the curtain as a departure point because of its ability to hide or highlight reality, The Painted Veil speaks of the different emotional layers that are hidden behind our identity and the constraints that prevent us from taking control of our lives and becoming owners of our time.

The project is organized in two environments. Located on the ground floor is the social stage, which refers to public

life, and specifically alludes to the way in which women experience the artistic profession. In this first area, the pictorial installation: Sorority Gallery (2018-2019), stands out. It honors women who generation after generation, claim the recognition of women’s contributions to the History of Humanity. On the top floor, we enter the intimate space of the house, which is woven from biographical and educational conditioning. There, the emotional sphere is expressed with joy and pain. In this second area, amongst other works, is the installation Desarraigo (Uprooted) (2018): a wall disturbingly populated with cockroaches. This is a mirror of the violence that can be generated in the context of domestic spaces.


With a precious and observed facture, Paula Noya draws a poetic universe where longings and fears want to become hope, by leaning on an artist practice based on self-knowledge and the energy of sisterhood among women. For this reason, in order to welcome people who want to share their experiences, the entire space was conceived to have a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Feli Morán Medina, a very dear friend of the artist.


Susana Blas

Sorority Gallery