QUIET13. Meditative Spaces Through Art
Activity by Karamjot Singh Motreff

Theoretical-practical session of meditation
Open to all publics
Maximum capacity 20 people


• Learn to open-up meditative spaces through works of art
• Bring meditation techniques into daily life
• Establish creative patterns with the techniques and the science of yoga.


• Brief discussion.
• Yoga exercises.
• Breathing techniques.
• Group work.
• Meditation.

The power of the brain to invent, create, design, conceptualize, contemplate and form new connections has no limits. It’s ability to multitask and participate in different levels of consciousness is both a blessing and a curse that distracts our attention.
The opportunities for understanding the patterns of the mind (yoga, meditation …) connect us with the purity of the moment and bring us closer to the doors of our heart. They awaken our creative potential and free us from our limitations. And in that sense, Art is one more opportunity.
Art spaces contain treasures to experience yourself.
Just as observing your breathing establishes a meditative space, observing a work of art can connect you with that space of satisfaction, expansion and mental clarity. Today we need these experiences that help us return to the practice of observing and feeling time as it develops.
Observing a work of art forces us to stop the mind, to change thought patterns and to be more flexible and focused. To look at a work of art requires stillness and the capacity for observation: colors, strokes, movements … and also the observation of your breathe, of the sensations in the body and the flow of thoughts. And through the simple process of looking at a work of art, the observer can enter into an altered state of consciousness. There is a nonverbal language that exists between a work of art and the viewer, and that encourages the development of mindfulness.

1- Yogic science techniques that give us more awareness to deal with everyday situations creatively.
2- Tools for a daily practice that give us the possibility of retaking the reins of our life and be more real.
3- Learning for correct breathing and discarding old patterns that prevent us from functioning from the creative and neutral mind.




Karamjot Singh Montreff.
Tonia Trujillo. Director of 13ESPACIOarte