Curator: Margarita Aizpuru

Participating Artists: Charo Corrales, Doris Hakim, Eloína Marcos, Giorgia Partesotti, Asun Requena, Juan Miguel Romero Valero and Elisa Torreira.

September 22, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.

Free access until full capacity

The content of the course will deal with the conceptual, visual, theoretical and practical aspects of performance art in relation to feminist and gender discourses and practices.

From the origins of performance art, and body art in general, up to recent years in which we have witnessed a revival of this artistic practice, different generations of women creators have developed new mechanisms and artistic languages. They have opened up specific and strong  pathways in the field of performance art so that one can now speak of the importance of the female presence and even of feminist performances in the evolution of performance art.

That feminist context, and its discourses on the body, of only a few decades, (including the paradigm of gender identity from the 80s), coincided with a change in attitude in art. The female body “got moving” as early as the first actions in the late fifties and early sixties.

The women performers of today are reanalyzing concepts both in relation to themselves and to the body as well as to the media and the environments in which performances are staged, with essential contributions being made to this important artistic area.

For all this reasons, we see interesting the performance of a performance cycle performed by women/men artists from gender perspectives and feminist practices that will undoubtedly contribute a message to the current society, from cultural expression, about the presence of women and their claims.

“Caperucitas”. By Asunción Requena



11.30 Performance «A la sombra» by Elisa Torreira.


13.00  Performance «Spring cleaning» by Charo Corrales

13.30  Performance «Zuletina» by Asunción Requena

14.00 to 17.30  BREAK

17.30  Performance «Penélope» by Eloína Marcos

18.00 Performance «Historia universal del género» by Juan Miguel Romero Valero

18.30 Performance «Ensayo sobre la ceguera (del amor)» by Doris Hakim.

19.00 Performance «La universal» by Giorgia Partessotti