Anamusma  //  María Bueno – Cristina Artés

Sara Coleman  //  Charo Corrales 

Isabel Cuadrado  //  Maribel Domenech 

María Gimeno //  Kima Guitart

Anna Jonsson  //  María Muñoz

Kae Newcomb  //  Paula Noya  //  Aline Part.  

Yolanda Relinque  //  Concha Romeu

Sandra Sarasola  //  Elisa Torreira

Curator: Tonia Trujillo.

Opening: next Friday 4 of october at 08:00 p.m.

From october 4 to december 21




Colective exhibition: MiArma

Exhibition of the students of Master of Art: Idea and Production from the University of Seville.

From June 26 to July 13




Today, Friday 11  we opening the exhibition “THE PAINTED VEIL
of Paula Noya

Curator: Susana Blas.


We’ll wait for you at 08:00 p.m. in #13EspacioArte!






13EspacioArte wishes you a Merry Christmas and opens for you the Artist Gallery.


¡Merry Christmas!


This Holidays  #regalaarte




“The world is in ruins and I fix it up”

From July 6 to 20, 2018, 13ESPACIOarte host the exhibition of the students of Masters of Art: Idea and Production from the University of Seville.

You’re all invited!!

Agustín Abel – Ismael Barraso – Patricia Cosano – Maripaz del Toro – Juan Carlos Granda – Ana Guez – Esther Pancorbo – Diego Sánchez – María José Sotomayor – Celia Valero – Wanting Yang – Guiomar Yáñez

RESPONSIBLE TEACHERS: Paco Lara y Alberto Mañero



TRANSITS by Sandra Sarasola

¡Last days!

From last May 4, until June 30, 2018, 13ESPACIOarte hosts the work of Sandra Sarasola with her exhibition “Transits”.

17 years of work, gathered in 12 projects that converge with different stages of her life in which sometimes her past and her present interwine and dialogue.

Activity included in the BBMM2018 program,
Women’s Views Biennial – MAV.



Taught by Margarita Aizpuru

The content of the course will deal with the conceptual, visual, theoretical and practical aspects of performance art in relation to feminist and gender discourses and practices.

¡Book your seat!

From May 7 to May 11, 2018

Duration: 20 hours



BLESSED. We, who love each other so much, has been selected as an activity included in the BMM2018, Women’s Views Biennial – MAV-



BLESSED. We, who love each other so much
¡Last days!

Due to the success of the exhibition of Aline Parte and Charo Corrales, it will be extended until April 21.




13ESPACIOarte participates in the ninth edition of Just Madrid 9.

We will be at JUSTMAD 9,  from February 20 to 25,  presenting the most recent works of Anna Jonsson, Marta Beltrán and the Inmoderatus coletive (Isabel Cuadrado, Kae Newcomb, Elisa Torreira and Tonia Trujillo)

Headquarters: Just Space. Stand number 2

C/ Núñez de Balboa, 32, Madrid


 MAV Forum 2017.

Segund edition for discussion about Women in the Visual Arts (MAV).


Last 27th of October, in ArtSevilla 2017, the presentation of the next edition of MAV FORUM 2017 took place. In the presentation, Tonia Trujillo and Mariana Hormaechea of MAV, and Irene Reina of ArtSevilla, announced the programmed activities and confirmed the different ways to participate.

In 13ESPACIOarte, the venue in Andalusia, the appointment is on November 9, 2017 from 10:30 a.m.


  BOSSY in ARTSevilla  

Guided tour of Anna Jonsson to the exhibition Bossy

13ESPACIOarte participates this year in The Guest section of ARTSevilla 2017 with the exhibitioni “Bossy” by Anna Jonsson, from October 26 to 29

In addition, within the scheduled activities, Anna Jonsson will offer a guided tour of the exhibition on Saturday 28 at 6:00 p.m.

Dont miss it!


 Exhibition BOSSY

Anna Jonsson

From September 22 to November 18, 2017, 13ESPACIOarte host the work of Anna Jonsson with the exhibition “BOSSY”

As in a natural rebellious way Anna Jonsson claims the word and the concept of “bossy” with pride. She strips it from the peyorative nuance  and keeps the annoying spot of  power it transmits.



 Conference “DREAMS AND TIME” 

Ritual and Spirituality in Some Contemporary Creators

Susana Blas Brunel

This conference shares Susana Blas’s ongoing research on expanded temporality and spirituality in the work of eight contemporary Spanish women creators: María Bueno (Málaga, 1976), Carmen Calvo (Valencia, 1950), María Gimeno (Zamora, 1970), Vicky Mendiz (Zaragoza, 1978), Mapi Rivera (Huesca, 1976), Carmen F. Sigler (Huelva, 1960), Yolanda Tabanera (Madrid, 1965) and Marina Vargas (Granada, 1980).



 Exhibition THE CEREMONY (Second episode)  

Marta Beltrán. Curator: Susana Blas

From next May 19 to July 31, 2017, you can see the work of Marta Beltrán in 13 ESPACIOarte (Seville).

In The Ceremony, Marta Beltrán (Granada, 1977) designed a drawing project for the Royal Hospital of Granada that now makes a stopover at 13 ESPACIOarte (Seville). The exhibit, conceived as an open-ended process, is now expanded and adapted to the characteristics of the new space.



 Exhibition INMODERATUS  

Tonia Trujillo / Elisa Torreira /Isabel Cuadrado / Kae Newcomb

IMMODERATUS is a project that is both delicate and subversive, full of symbolism, and as the title indicates, unruliness and immoderation. All of this allows for feelings and images to emerge and thereby establish suggestive perspectives on memory, context, and action, amongst other things, all of which revolve around nature and the relationship of the individual to nature.

The artists, Tonía Trujillo, Elisa Torreira, Isabel Cuadrado and Kae Newcomb, present a series of recent works that shares a deep questioning of the established order as the basis for constructing anew and that creates awareness beyond purely aesthetic concerns, without dispensing with the beauty of simplicity.




Last Thursday February 17, 2017, 13 ESPACIOarte, a multi-purpose space dedicated to art and contemporary creation, was inaugurated in Sevilla.

The inauguration was held among friends, with the assistance of a grand audience interested in contemporary art, press, gallerists, curators and artists of the cinema and visual arts.