Family Trabelsi house to which Leila Trabelsi, ex-dictator Ben Ali’s wife, belongs after the passage of the collective Z, I.T. (2011)



“The Power and Limits of Urban Art in Relation to Processes of Social Transformation”


Curator: Carlos García de Castro

September 28 at 19:00 p..m.


Carlos García de Castro is curator and independent cultural critic since 2009. He has organized exhibitions such as ‘Yo no tengo Razón’ (2009) in the Off Limits space of Madrid, ‘Rainy Andalusia: Voices beyond the imaginary cañí’ (2016) in the Sublima space of Seville or ‘La Canción Bajo la Pirámide’ (2017) in the Sevilla Electric Chair. He also directed the paper ‘Conversations about art, society, economy and power. Lounge Around Jaar ‘realized in the CAAC of Seville in the year 2011.

In his facet of critic he has published in specialized means like ARTECONTEXTO or the Green Stripe. In addition, he directed the radical review magazine NOTON between 2009 and 2013 and he was a member of the F.S.S.I. (International Symbolic Relief Front).

He currently resides in Tunisia where he teaches Spanish at the Cervantes Institute and teaches History of Art at I.S.L.G. of Gabès.

The world of Urban Art is a contradictory place, where the good intentions that accompany processes of social change can supplant or set aside a considered analysis of the real possibilities for success. During the Tunisian Revolution, there was an explosion of artistic manifestations that are now in decline, but that nevertheless served some of the artists to gain prestige and a place in the art world. Others artists went into oblivion. Nonetheless, the symbolic force generated at that time is still a source of inspiration for the aspirations of a people who dream of building a country with a ‘future’.

This presentation is devoted to analyzing this moment of artistic explosion and the traces that can still be followed. In addition, the second part of the presentation is dedicated to the figure of the urban creator DosJotas, in the context of his exhibition Topical – Atopic Actions at 13ESPACIOarte.